Carolina Abreu

Dominican writer based in NYC

 "I look to create a space of vulnerability, self-love, liberation and acceptance through my writing. I look to inspire my generation and the future ones to believe in their authenticity while watering the roots planted by their ancestors and the ones they've planted themselves;  to take the strength of the past and their present voice and use it to create a new path that is paved with inclusivity and kindness.


My work is inspired by my perceptions and interpretations of what surrounds me. By the confusion of planting my own roots on foreign land and never quite being able to call it home. By the uncomfortable feeling that being asked if I "think in English or Spanish?" brings on as opposed to being asked what I  think. By being a woman. By the times I fell deeply in love and the times I was forced to fall out of it. By my desire to heal others and identify with their pain and finally, by my understanding that alone, we are in chaos but together we can do it all." 

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