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Fall-ing into your notebook 

Leaf it behind

If you love the fall, you most likely love the colors of the leaves on the ground. You understand that they weren't always that color and it took a process for them to get to that point and become a part of the beautiful orange, brown and red scenes that make up this season. Imagine you are a tree in the summer, almost ready for fall. Each leaf that changes color and makes it way to the ground is an aspect of your life; a trauma, a feeling, a doubt, a failure and anything else you'd like to leave behind. What does each leaf represent? How does imagining this leaf fall off the branches of your tree make you feel? What will the new leaves represent come spring?

Magic apple-picking

A fall activity staple. You pick your favorite orchard and head over with your friends and loved ones. As you start picking apples, you quickly realize these aren't regular apples, these are magic apples. Every time you pick one, one of your loved ones' and friends dreams come true. Whose dreams are you making a reality? What are the dreams that are becoming true? Are your dreams coming true?

Cozy up

Who doesn't love chilly fall mornings? You wake up from a great night's sleep and are ready to have some hot chocolate and get cozy on the couch with your favorite blanket. This blanket is made up of all the best conversations and advice you've had/recevied in your lifetime? What words is your blanket made up of? Whose words are they? Are there any words you'd like to add to your blanket?

**Send your writing prompt pieces to or DM them to @ughvolution to have them featured on my story. 

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