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Hating your period won't make it go away

I am crying but/and

If you already cried, are currently crying or feel like it soon and you know it's just your period, drop the chocolate and try this prompt. List out the reasons you are crying but do it in 3rd person and add a twist at th end of each one. The sillier your twists are the funnier it will be to read later on when you really need a laugh. 

In a perfect world

Periods are beautiful but they are also a literal giant stabbing pain in the ovaries. Write a letter to Mother Nature thanking her for your period and describing what your perfect period would look like. Instead of stabbing ovaries pain, does your perfect period give you endless creativity instead? If you already have the perfect period, just take the next few minutes to write the words "I am so lucky" over and over on your paper. 


If every time you got your period you turned into a superhero, what would your superpower be? Would your superpowers change each month with each period? How would your superpower help the world?

**Send your writing prompt pieces to or DM them to @ughvolution to have them featured on my story. 

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