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Mental Road-trip


Each state is known for a "thing." Arizona is the Grand Canyon state, California is the Golden State, New York is the Empire state and so on. If you were a state, what "thing" would you be known for? Why?


Talking to the Moon


Night = darkness. Our darkness is something we often try to hide, ignore and/or be ashamed of. The moon sees it all. Think about a time of darkness where you felt alone, like only you and the moon existed. Tell the moon how you felt. Have you healed? If not, what are you feeling in this moment? How do you feel to be seen by her in that/this moment knowing she is always there to hear you?




Nature was created perfect (and so were you!) I have found myself mesmerized by all the different colors of nature, some I've never imagined before. Let your imagination run free, let it run wild. In this setting, what does nature look like? There are no rules; Are the trees pink and the sky bright yellow? What does the wildlife look like? Who lives in it? Does it rain from the ground up? This is YOUR make-believe world, make it fun!

**Send your writing prompt pieces to or DM them to @ughvolution to have them featured on my story. 

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