It's a one girl Ughvolution

Updated: Jul 18

I have finally created my own space and I am delighted to share it with you. Though it’s now been a few months I was so excited to launch my website I absolutely forgot to introduce myself. That is part of who I am, I come up with an idea, work on it and get so excited to share it I rarely think about the details; I just want to get it out to you as soon as I can!!

I am many more things. Sometimes I am what I’m not, other times I can’t recognize myself enough to even have this conversation, it’s all a part of the journey. I am a writer, a lover of love and dogs, I am someone who is trying desperately to remain loyal to a workout routine. I am a poet and a performer. I am someone who is going to give up meat for good and never look back. Up until about 3 years ago I was terrified for anyone to read my writing, today I am a self-promoting machine hoping to get my work in front of as many people as possible. I am an ever-evolving being. I love talking and answering questions. I enjoy coloring and drawing. I sing LOUD when I drive. I read multiple books at once. I like having coffee in bed. I smile at strangers and I always tell people when they have something in their teeth.

The name Ughvolution came to life the same way most of my writing does: during a time of heartbreak. Though the back story isn’t important now, what coming up with the name meant back then was acceptance of the fact that I felt sad, upset and jealous. I wanted to get up and make the pain disappear and go on with my life but in that moment, I needed to stay in bed and cry. I started to write poetry, letter that I'd never send and personal essays more often, I even started a blog on Blogspot. The bio for my blog read: “Sometimes you want to get up and change the world, but you’re too damn lazy to do so…It’s an Ughvolution.” Lazy might as well been spelled sad or depressed but I would've never admitted that. Over the years, as I start to grow and accept the good with the bad and sometimes just the good, other times just the bad it felt more natural to settle into the name Ughvolution. I was finally beginning to accept the things I was dealt and move in a more healthy way and I had something that I always looked forward to: writing.

I went through many more heartbreaks, disappointments and failures as well as beautiful moments of romance, achievements and pure happiness and as I kept being reminded, I always had the choice to make choices but more often it was about accepting life as it came. I am still learning. Sometimes I am more of the Ugh, other times I am more of the revolution. One thing that remains steady is my goal to inspire everyone to arrive at the acceptance of all that they are.

I welcome you fully into this space!

¡Viva la Ughvolution!


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