Chewing on some knowledge with The Everyday Bite

Updated: Jul 30

The first time I saw The Everyday Bite perform I was surprised in the best way. We were at The Open Mic Renegades Brooklyn Roasting Fridays. It was my second performance ever, and maybe it was due to my nerves that I didn't notice him around prior to him getting on stage. I do however, remember wondering what The Everyday Bite meant once he was introduced and recognizing that whatever it meant, it must've have been something DEEP just like his performance. He got on stage, confidence pouring out, his face serious in concentration and his eyes, so soft.

No mic.

He didn't need one. The second he opened his mouth his voice shot out and traveled through every corner of the room, through every person. I was impressed and once again so grateful this was one of the places my passion had brought me to. Grateful that I got to share that space with someone like The Everyday Bite, the man that doesn't need a mic who live his life just like his art: unapologetically roaring.

Tell us the story of your name? Where does it come from? How did you choose it? What does it mean to you?

When I first started sharing my writing I was afraid to show myself or give my real name. The Everyday Bite became the alias I lived behind. Specifically, the name has to do with mortality. It’s the only certain truth we all share and I think by facing it and learning how to accept it we are then able to live a bit more freely. Every single day life takes a bite out of us all, just to differing degrees. It’s my constant reminder that pain can be an universal language on our journey toward catapulting into the unknown. We are less alone when we truly analyze death as our common bond with other human beings.

What do you remember the most about the first time you got on stage?

I was terrified, but something was telling me I needed to do it. I had fires that were burning me up and I needed to release them in a healthy way, so I stood there shaking inside my body, reading from some papers, not making eye contact with anyone watching. My mouth was the driest it’s ever been because of the nerves. The whole thing flew by and next thing I knew, I was still alive. I had survived. From then on it’s been an itch I have to scratch. No matter how many times later I do it, I still get a healthy dosing of nerves, but I’ve learned they keep me on my toes. I think nerves created from a passion are a good sign you are doing something that will help you grow.

What do you hope to inspire when you are on stage?

I want people to feel less alone. I think if even one person finds my words relatable it’s worth it. Honestly, even if nobody finds me relatable it’s still worth it, because I am being my most free self when I am on stage. It’s less about what I want to inspire and more about the simple act of connecting through creativity. There’s a really beautiful medicine in moments of discovering when someone else gets you. I am saved over and over through conversations with people after I perform because they are making me feel seen in ways I have never experienced before and I hope I can give that right back.

What does the setting around you look like when you are creating your art?

I spend most of my days always working at different ideas in the back of mind and when I finally latch onto one that feels right I will keep marinating it until I am home alone. I’ll seek out music that identifies with the mood I’m feeling and then stare at a blank page or screen for a long time. I have a slow build to actually getting words down, but once it hatches, I move rather quick and become obsessive over the piece. If it’s a performance piece I will practice it over and over while pacing around in front of the mirror. I occasionally take dance breaks when I find myself becoming frustrated at not being able to memorize. It’s a fun ritual.

How do you know a piece is done & ready to hit the stage?

It’s hard to say how you know the writing is done. It becomes a gut feeling. Some unspoken language between the head and the heart is like, “Yep, that’s it!” Bringing it to the stage, I would say once I am able to recite it before I go to bed and then right when I wake up, without any mistakes. But even then, for me, it never really feels done. Pieces evolve over time as we perform. We massage them into being with inflection and pacing and body language. All things we learn in the performance. And thinking of poetry as constantly being in evolution relieves me of certain hang-ups like keeping from sharing things because we convince ourselves they are never finished. Don’t be afraid of that idea. Embrace it as strength. It keeps you chasing at new heights in your own creativity.

If you could only write about one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Love. Trying to define it and redefine it. Longing for it. Losing it. The power of it. All the ways in which it enters and exits our lives through family, friends, and romantic entanglements. It’s a never ending well in which I can dip my pen.

What is your favorite piece of literature?

Night by Eli Wiesel. It was a required reading in high school. Most school books before that I didn’t care for, but that book changed me. It shook the ground I walked on and focused me in on the real horrors of the world. It entered me and never left. I wanted to be a better, more compassionate human being afterwards. If you knew this interview would be read by every person in the world, what would you like to leave them with?

If you feel creativity brewing, let it out and fuck what anyone else thinks about it. It’s yours. It can walk, talk, scream, and shout any way you want it to. Other than that, you’re not as alone as you might feel right now. Hang in there.

Ever since I met The Everyday Bite, I've made it a point to involve him in all of my projects and without hesitation he is the first on board. I feel honored, but most importantly, it speaks on his passion for his art & how much he is willing to put out there. To be heard. To inspire others. You can see more of The Everyday Bite here @theeverydaybite.


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