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Fall-ing into your notebook

It's the second most wonderful time of the year and this season is all about change & growth. Get your pumpkin spice scented candle ready & fall freely into these prompts! See more


Mental Road-trip

It's time to get away! Use your creative skills to explore beyond the place you are physically. Set up your tent if you need to really get in the mood! See more


Looking at the bright side...of quarantine

It's hard to look at the bright side during this confusing time. I've created some prompts to help you do just that! See more


Hating your period won't make it go away

It's a constant battle between wanting to hide once my period is about to come and accepting it for the beautiful thing that it is. Here are some prompts to help you get to the latter. See more


Check your privilege - 3 prompts to get the conversation started

It’s time to check our privilege and use it to support our black communities and POC. I’ve created some writing prompts to help you do just that. Let's get the conversation started.  See more

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