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Looking at the bright side...of quarantine. 


The way in which we spend time right now is very different than before. We haven’t had this much time to sit with our thoughts in forever. This prompt is called She/He/They. Write about something you’ve learned about yourself while hanging out alone in the 3rd person POV. 



Before I moved to Brooklyn I lived in Westchester, which is a county that is full of room and open land in some areas. What I have realized about living in the city is that social distancing is nearly impossible since most buildings are SO closed together. This prompt is called “Eavesdropping.” You look out your window and there is your neighbors apartment. You overhear a shocking conversation. Describe that conversation. 



Some people are taking the quarantine more serious than others. Some are more scared about the pandemic than others. This prompt is called Imagine. Imagine you are one of the people that has decided to completely quarantine inside your home for the whole duration of the quarantine. It’s been three whole months since you have stepped outside. The quarantine is finally over. You wake up knowing you can finally leave your home, you take a shower, get dressed and head out. You open your door. Write about that first moment of stepping outside and..oh wait! The world is COMPLETELY different. You realize the world is YOUR dream world. What does it look like now?

The Brightside


Amidst all the negative stuff going around, there are some positive ones. After all, we can’t know good things without knowing bad ones. This prompt is called “The Brightside.” Write about a positive cultural shift created by the Pandemic/Social distancing. 


1st scenario


You have to spend 2 months outside in nature. Who & what do you bring? Where do you go? Why do you pick this place? What do you do during this time?


2nd scenario


You have to spend 2 months in a group of 10 people or more and at no times can you be with less than 10 ppl. Which 10 people do you choose? Why do you pick them? Would your relationship with these people change after this time together? How do you spend your time together? Where do you go and what do you talk about?


Write about one or both scenarios in as much detail as you can. 


Before I go

The quarantine happened pretty suddenly and having to social distance from people reminded me of a piece I wrote when I was pursuing my Master’s in English Literature. There are people that we couldn’t hug or even see in person when we began to social distance from them and I am sure there have been things that were left unsaid. The last prompt is called Before I Go. Imagine you are social distancing from someone...forever. When the quarantine is over, you do not want this person in your life. This time you have time to write them a letter. The letter must start with Before I go…

**Send your writing prompt pieces to or DM them to @ughvolution to have them featured on my story. 


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